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Cat Intimidates Gator

Occurred on September 5, 2010 / New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Info from Licensor: "We went on a swamp tour in the Bayou to see alligators and other interesting swamp creatures and the unique environment. While we were waiting for the swamp boat to get ready, I was photographing and video recording various interesting things in the area. There were lots of cats. Apparently, people were constantly dropping cats off there, so they had about 15 of them. I noticed an alligator in the water, close to the shore, so I was shooting it. To my surprise it lurched onto the land and was heading toward some children. Then, one of the cats that I had been petting earlier, just moved between the gator and a young boy who was petting the cat. It began hissing at the gator and staring it down. As you would have heard, I was doing a running commentary with my oldest son beside me. Unfortunately my other son, Eli was still inside the building. The gator seemed mesmerized by the audacity of the cat. Shortly after the cat swatted it across the snout, the gator, zipped back into the water, only to re-emerge with a buddy. The cat was not impressed or concerned . He stood his ground and swatted the new gator as well. The gators turned and slinked back into the water. Then, the cat turned to play with the boy and another cat, quite unaffected by what had just occurred."
Location New Orleans, LA, USA
Occurred Sep-5-2010
Posted By Al Rosenberg
Posted On Apr-3-2017


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